If you have chronic (persistent) low back pain, the chances are you have tried lots of different ways of trying to manage it. This 12-week programme gently and progressively gets you back to being more active- and has been proven to work!! It involves 12 x 75 minutes classes, support materials and home practice sequences. The programme is based on research (RCT- randomised control trial) carried out by The University of York (funded by Arthritis Research UK). The findings of the research showed that the 12 week programme was better than manipulation by physiotherapists / chiropractors/ osteopaths, exercise taught by physiotherapists, manipulation plus exercise, cognitive behavioural therapy, an educative book, and six individual Alexander Technique Lessons (click here to read about the research). The programme will help you take control of your back pain, get more active again, and teach you effective self-management strategies for maintaining the health of your back in the long term.

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